Syed Nisar Safdar

Founding member of TCI – Advocate High Court

Syed Nisar Safdar is a Senior Lawyer. He started Legal Practice in 1975 and has conducted a great number of multifarious cases not only throughout the country but also abroad. He is adept in Constitutional Law, Public Interest Litigation and International Law.

Syed Nisar Safdar is member Lahore High Court Bar Association, Peshawar High Court Bar Association and Dera Ismael Bar Association for life.

He is President of International Peace Research Venture (IPRV), Association of Lawyers for Philosophical Amelioration (ALPHA) and Pakistan’s Chapter of Pak India Lawyers Friendship Association (PILFA). He is also an iconic figure in the field of Legal Education. He has been granted the Prime Minister Award of the Best Principal in the Whole of Pakistan in 1986. He is an internationally recognized intellectual lawyer. He has written many books and articles on Law and Philosophy.

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